Clean-Eating Diet

In the past few months, a new diet has arisen, known as the “clean-eating” or “eat-clean” diet. Pins on Pinterest and articles in magazines can be found on this new lifestyle that consists of exercise and a diet of unprocessed, whole foods. These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. This type of clean-eating avoids foods with preservatives, sugars, trans and saturated fats, as well as artificial and chemically altered ingredients.

According to a diagram found on, the formula for “body beautiful, body healthy” relies on 80 percent of one’s food/diet, and 10 percent each of genetics and training.

Various sources claim that the diet can lead to the loss of about three pounds a week, as long as one sticks to the guidelines of this new lifestyle.

Rather than consuming the three general meals each day, the lifestyle change encourages five to six smaller meals, spaced at two-and-a-half to three hour intervals, instead to boost one’s metabolism and to practice portion control. However, one is still expected to consume less than 2,000 calories each day.

Often times, dieters stick to a meal plan for the week, preparing a week’s worth of food for each meal. This method helps one to keep their clean-eating lifestyle on track throughout the week.

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