Baptist Memphis has kicked-off an employee wellness initiative called Well4Me. As part of this initiative, the hospital is offering a six-month Personal Challenge program for two employees selected by their desires to become healthier.

The participants are Melanie Polzin and Uriel Dukes, who goes by Dukes.

Well4Me Personal Challenge:

Melanie and Dukes meet with their dietitian, Christy exercise specialists Cindy and Eileen, cardiologist, Dr. Steve Gubin, and psychologist, Dr. Karen Gubin, for the first time last week. Christy will go grocery shopping with them following their first meeting. They will do an evaluation with Cindy, to see what they can or want to do. In addition to participating in Yoga and Zumba offered to hospital employee, they will have a work-out plan.

They will meet with Christy and Cindy/Eileen on a weekly basis over the next 6 months.